SINCE 1979

SINCE 1979

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Tecnici al lavoro per rimuovere amianto

Removal, disposal and restoration of all types of asbestos, in a compact matrix (eternit) friable (insulation pipes and fire-resistant plaster) and vinyl flooring (linoleum) managing the necessary paperwork.

Esempio di coperture discontinue

Installation of corrugated sheets, in double seaming and with draining joints, in steel, titanium zinc, aluminium and copper, suitably placed with thermal insulation.

Facciate metalliche coibentate e non

Production and installation of metal facades with copper, titanium zinc, aluminium, steel or expanded metal sheets, with or without insulation.

Coperture con impianti fotovoltaici

Design and installation of photovoltaic panels, taking care of all the necessary paperwork for testing and connection, with the possibility of maintenance and monitoring contracts.

Esempio di impermeabilizzazione di coperture piane

The best solutions for the waterproofing of car parks, roofs, foundations, terraces, storage tanks and collection tanks using bituminous or synthetic membranes.

Esempio di giardini pensili e tetti verdi

Creation of roof gardens and green roofs with the all-inclusive production formula from design to implementation.

Facciate con isolamento a cappotto

The best solutions for the thermal insulation of buildings through the use of foam panels or mineral wool fibres.

Sistemi di isolamento acustico a pannelli

Installation of sound-absorbing panels and sound-insulating walls and ceilings.

Manutenzione ordinaria e straordinaria di fabbricati

Isomec offers a full maintenance service for existing buildings: rebuilding facades and roofing, restoration and protection of reinforced concrete and structural reinforcement by applying carbon fibre bands.

Production and installation of fireproof protection using specific plasters, coatings with plaster board or calcium silicate and intumescent paints.


Since 1979 ISOMEC designs, with customers alongside the designers, and manufactures various building envelope components using the all-inclusive production formula: pitched roofs , attic waterproofing and foundation waterproofing , green roofs , metal facades , coat insulation , fire-proof protection; all types of asbestos removal, designs and installs photovoltaic systems integrated on roofs, offers experience and professionalism in building maintenance and repair services. Solid business, technical and professional expertise at the service of companies, public entities and private entities.



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