ISOMEC was founded in 1979 to carry out projects with the objective of the reduction of energy consumption and the reduction of pollutant emissions; today the scope of its activities has widened whilst still selecting and installing environmentally friendly products and choosing suppliers that have shown an interest in environmental issues.

Green roofs or “cool roofs” have been promoted to designers and commissions already since 1995.

Over the years ISOMEC has discontinued activities, for example, polyurethane spray applied to insulate roofs and walls, this is technically a very effective solution with quick production and installation, which can contribute to the emission of harmful gasses into the atmosphere, and which made the eventual recovery and separation of the materials at the end of the life of the structure difficult.

ISOMEC has also believed in and invested directly in the use of photovoltaic panels integrated into the building envelope for the production of electricity, as they allow for a reduction in the emission of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, a major contributor to the greenhouse effect.

ISOMEC, thanks to the photovoltaic systems under its management, has produced electricity with savings of more than 2200 tonnes of CO2 from 2011 to today.

Since 1992 ISOMEC has removed and disposed of more than 2700 tons of asbestos.